The Red Hill Brewery is a unique, independent microbrewery located amidst it’s own hop garden on the top of Red Hill on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Established by Karen and David Golding in 2005, we pride ourselves on creating well crafted beer styles that are highly drinkable, sessionable and just taste great!


HOURS: Thu-Sun plus public holidays. 11am-7pm

Modern, casual, beer friendly food every open day
Boomtown BBQ featuring southern style BBQ platters on weekends
Food every open day with burgers and snacks Thu/Fri         
No bookings are needed. 

Group enquiries check HERE

To find out more about open days and events go HERE or call 5989 2959 or EMAIL us or drive past and check the boards!

For the true beerlover you can even STAY and play at the brewery. 

Map and Address

 BELGIAN BLONDE - 6.5% Out Now

A beautiful blonde Belgian pale ale with spicy, earthy hop nose and slightly sweetish/biscuity malt character are part of an overall flavour experience. A malt sweetness with fruity esters is balanced by the bitterness of our Goldings hops and the alcohol itself. This combination of aroma, flavour and a rich mouthfeel, gives a great complexity to this classic Belgian style.



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